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The Feel Program

It uses a combination of evidence based behavioral techniques (CBT, mindfulness, positive psychology) and cutting-edge emotion recognition tech to help people build healthy habits. WHAT it is:


Learn more about the era of Augmented Mental Health.

What it is

emotion tracking
Feel Emotion Sensor (wristband) provides continuous, unobtrusive monitoring of the wearer’s emotional states. 
Feel Mobile Application utilizes data from the wristband to provide real-time support and intervention. It contains multiple features for optimizing and improving mental health. These include an emotion-tracking calendar, a mood diary, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools which are tailored to and shared with the wearer based on their tracked emotional states.
Remote Sessions With a Therapist
Virtual sessions with a CBT therapist augmented by unbiased data Feel Emotion Sensor provides.
Online Educational Material
Additional material about the main features of the Augmented Mental Health program, outlining the essence and highlighting the importance of the applied Evidence Based Techniques (CBT, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology). Tutorials on the correct application of the guidance and the exercises within the program.
Feel senses emotions throughout the day using our proprietary emotion recognition technology.
Continuous Emotion Monitoring: Feel tracks emotions 24/7
Real-time Interventions: Feel gives the right advice at the right time to help with difficult emotions
Educational program: Tools & techniques based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology
Dedicated therapists personalize the program to everyone's needs through 1-1 remote video sessions.
Tools & techniques based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology, that help improve mental wellbeing and develop resilience.

Meet our Experts

At Feel, we empower our participants to achieve their personal goals via weekly 15-min remote sessions with our licensed therapists.

Team Sentio Solutions

Sharon Kaplow


Team Sentio Solutions

Lindsay Goodlin


Team Sentio Solutions

Mary Nikolakopoulou

PhD Candidate

Team Sentio Solutions

Dr. Elina Kanellopoulou




Health plans

Health plans

  • Reduced ER visits and Urgent Care utilization
  • Reduced cost of psychotherapy sessions by 50%
  • Increased access and eliminated wait times
  • Improved engagement by 5x



  • Increased Access to Mental Health services and eliminated wait times
  • Reduced Costs of psychotherapy sessions and fewer mental health comorbidity costs
  • Increased Productivity and reduced Employee Absenteeismn
  • Improved Engagement and Employee Retention

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