How Feel Works


Through monitoring of physiological signals

sensors monitor bodily signals: HRV, GSR, Skin temperature sensors


Helps develop positive emotional habits

Cognitive Behavioral therapy: Though, Behavior, Emotion

Feel is an emotion sensing wristband and app that coaches us to achieve greater mental well-being!

It consists of 3 parts:

Feel proprietary algorithms

Proprietary Algorithms

Feel wristband - emotion sensor


Feel Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Feel Wristband - emotion sensor

Feel Wristband

Has multiple integrated bio-sensors that monitor a variety of physiological signals throughout the day (skin conductance, skin temperature, heart rate)

Proprietary Algorithms

Analyze the data collected from the sensors and recognize wearer’s emotional patterns

Mobile App

Provides personalized recommendations and real-time coaching based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Feel Mobile App - breathing exercise screen

Want to learn more?

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