Sentio Solutions to Demo Feel at Health 2.0 Conference

The live, on-stage demo will take place on September 18 at noon PT at the Santa Clara Convention Center

San Francisco, Calif – Sept. 10, 2018 - Sentio Solutions, a developer of artificial emotional intelligence technology, today announced that George Eleftheriou, CEO of Sentio, will do a live, on-stage demo of Feel at the Health 2.0 Conference and present the company’s vision for Augmented Mental Health. The presentation will take place as part of “The Quantified Self: A New Generation of Personal Tracking” session on September 18 between 12-1pm PT at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Grand Ballroom C. Sentio will also showcase Feel at the event at its booth # 215.

Feel is the world’s first emotion sensor and mental health advisor. It consists of 3 parts: the Wristband, Proprietary Algorithms, and the Mobile Application. The emotion sensing wristband has integrated bio-sensors that monitor a variety of physiological signals throughout the day, while in the background, proprietary algorithms analyze these signals to recognize the wearer’s emotions. The mobile application receives the data from the wristband and monitors the emotions of the user, providing personalized recommendations as well as real-time coaching and intervention based on the principles of evidence-based techniques.

Sentio’s program for Augmented Mental Health includes all of the following:

  1. Continuous Emotion Tracking: Feel provides continuous, unobtrusive monitoring of the wearer’s emotional states and provides these data to the CBT expert to enable a data-driven therapy.
  2. Real-time Support & Personalized Advice: The Feel Mobile Application utilizes data from the Feel emotion sensing wristband to provide real-time support and intervention. The app contains multiple features for optimizing and improving mental health. These include a mood diary, cognitive and behavioral exercises and activities which are tailored to and shared with the wearer based on their tracked emotional states.
  3. Licensed Therapist: Virtual short sessions with a Licensed therapist augmented by the data provided by Feel’s Emotion Sensor.
  4. Online Lessons: Additional material about the main features of the Augmented Mental Health program, outlining the essence and highlighting the importance of the applied Evidence-based Techniques. Tutorials on the correct application of the guidance and the exercises within the program.

Additional information:

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About Sentio Solutions

Sentio Solutions is a San Francisco based startup which develops artificial emotional intelligence that changes the way we monitor and manage mental health. Sentio’s first technology product, Feel, is the world’s first emotion sensor and mental health advisor that provides 24/7 continuous objective monitoring and real-time coaching to help people improve their emotional well-being. Sentio has received multiple awards including the "Insurance Shaper of the Year" award by EXECinsurtech and 2016 & 2017 “Transformative Technology company” recognition by Transtech. For more information, visit


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